Hugh Jackman Doubts There Will Be A ‘X-Men 4’ Movie, But Is Still Open To More ‘Wolverine’ Films

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During our discussion with Jackman, we peppered in as much Wolverine talk as we could muster and he was a good sport. It’s clear that after four features and a cameo as everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, mutton-chopped curmudgeon, he’s not quite ready to hang up the adamantium claws just yet.

Here’s what we learned about Wolverine’s future.

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darklordzor3447d ago

No...I don't want him in X-Men First Class, at least not in any starring role. I loved how the first movie worked and how all of the new mutants came together. Throwing in Wolverine would just be damn strange.

I mean, we already saw how he came to be with the X-Men in the very first movie, so it'd make no sense to see him BEFORE that with Professor X's team.

Honestly, as much as I like Wolverine, this focus on him is really bringing the franchise down. Let him have his standalone prequel movie (again) and let's move on with new mutants for both First Class and X4.

Prophet-Gamer3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I really liked the cameo he made in first class, but I do agree that he shouldn't be a part of it, imo, his wouldn't fit into the first class era. I do, however, really enjoy Wolverine so I'm looking forward to origin's sequel.

As for Xmen films... it just wouldn't be the same unless they brought back all the original actors and actresses.

hazelamy3445d ago

i agree, we don't want it turning into a wolverine centred movie, which is what the studio would try to do if they gave the character more than a cameo appearance.

and he's got his own movie series now anyway, the second one starts filming either this year or early next, barring any more problems.

i would love to see the original x-men movie series return as well though.
see what's happening in that time period, maybe incorporating some storyline elements from the first class movie.

StarWarsFan3445d ago

I wouldn't mind an X-Men 4, but I really want a Wolverine 2.

Sc0pe923445d ago

If they are gonna do another wolverine movie they had to do it right. first one was kind of meh. I would prefer an X4 over anything but I wouldnt mind a First Class 2 because the first one was great. Though nothing can top X2 the best xmen movie ever so far.

alycakes3445d ago

I don't care if there is or isn't an XMEN 4 as long as Wolverine 2 gets made.

Quagmire3443d ago

Will he make a Cameo in the Deadpool film?