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Exclusive New Dark Shadows Pics

Empire says:

It's Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's eighth collaboration, a big-budget film based on a TV show that no-one remembers (at least outside the US) and which features a motley crew of vampires, witches and supernatural weirdos. Dark Shadows, in other words, is a perfect subject for both star and director, and from these photos it looks like we can expect more of their particular brand of off-kilter charm.

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Prophet-Gamer3449d ago

Anything Tim Burton/Johnny Depp and I'm there. A great team imo.

alycakes3449d ago

I love them too. Johnny Depp doesn't disappoint. There's only been a couple of things that he's done that were't that great and those were in his early years. He's a wonderful actor who really puts himself into his roles.