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The Final Act: Take 7 - It's Edu-Tainment

Heavy Eggs writes:

Welcome to The Final Act! Where we cut through the crap in the movie industry today with particular focus on sci-fi, comic book movies, video game movies and reboots!

This week we discuss the following:
- Liam Hemsworth to Join Expendables 2 - His Role May Be Smaller Than Jet Li
- Robocop Reboot - Director Wants To Take It In A Different Direcrion with Michael Fassbender as Lead
- Terminator Sequels To Shoot Back to Back Next Year With Arnie ...And James Cameron?
- Kick Ass Sequel - Mark miller Says He Is Not Sure If "Band" Will Return

In Trailer Park we showcase and review the following trailers:
- J.Edgar Hoover- Starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Armie Hammer, Judi Dench. Directed by Clint Eastwood.
- 1911 -Starring Jackie Chan
- The Grey -Starring Liam neeson. Directed by Joe Carnahan

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