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Is Guillermo Del Toro Developing the Red Hulk as a Villain in His Hulk TV Show?

Comic Book Movies says:

A source contacted Comic Vine with a bit of information on ABC's new Hulk television Show. Click the jump to see my reasons why this rumor is quite possible.

Then, this morning I received the following brief e-mail.
“David Eick and Guillermo del Toro submitted a treatment that includes the development of the Red Hulk as a villain. Thought you might like to know”

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Crazay3451d ago

I'd totally watch this but I have to wonder if the production costs would stop this project dead in it's tracks. There's no way they're gonna go the route of having muscle bound behemoths painted Green or Red so that means Mo Cap CG.

Prophet-Gamer3449d ago

Dude, I didn't even know there was a Hulk TV show in the works. And Guillermo del Toro is involved?? How'd I miss this?

Crazay3449d ago

Pretty sweet information eh? I heard something about it a while ago but then nothing until now. I think it could be really awesome but like I said above, I suspect that it might be cost prohibitive.

Prophet-Gamer3449d ago

It really does have potential. Let's hope it doesn't go the way of the Star Wars live action series due to expenses.

darklordzor3451d ago

That would be awesome. I'm actually really interested into how they're going to go about this TV show. Like Crazay said, the production costs seem like they'd be kind of high.

Let's hope they find a good compromise. I believe that Red Hulk could be a villain. I mean, it's a TV series, so there's the potential for all kinds of villains to be included.

StarWarsFan3450d ago

I'd personally like to see Marvel get its act together on the Hulk movie franchise before a show comes to be.

Crazay3450d ago

Maybe the show could be a really good thing and really launch the movie franchise. Personally i really liked Hulk.

alycakes3449d ago

I like the Hulk but someone just need to do the movie better. The last one was good with Ed Norton but still not great. Still it beat the mistake they tried to pull of the first time. With this new Hulk in the Avengers it will be even better and then if Del Toro does another and does the villian maybe even better....they all learn from their mistakes and from other's mistakes as they go along.

RavageX3449d ago

What I didn't like about the last Hulk movie is that Mr. Norton just didn't seem like he cared to be in the movie.

Of course...they could completely ruin the tv show.

I hope not. If they could manage something as...different has the 70s hulk...and make it work, why are they having a hard time now??

Too much catering to the masses I think. Superheroes are nothing like Desperate Housewives and never should be. Quit completely changing every damn thing.