Close-Up Pictures of Bane's Mysterious Device in The Dark Knight Rises

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This is Bane's doomsday device that we first saw at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Tom Hardy gave a menacing speech, he called the device, "the instrument of your liberation."

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edwest2829d ago

Theory: Bane's wonderful toy is an earthquake machine. Kinda like in that movie The Core...

Oh dear...

Crazay2829d ago

I'm really not too sure what to think it's going to do. All signs do indicate that you're not completely wrong but I think that may be just a little too "Comic book" for Christopher Nolan's series.

edwest2829d ago

Maybe, but it wouldn't be the first time we had a comic book macguffin in a Nolan movie: The microwave generator in Batman Begins.

True, it was based in physics but naturally a machine like that would not only vaporize the water supply; it would cause anybody in its vicinity to boil to death.

Crazay2829d ago

I actually never really thought too much about that device to be honest...Been a while since I saw the original because I loved the sequel so much more. Maybe that's something I'll have to do this weekend.

darklordzor2829d ago

Yeah the microwave transmitter and fear toxin aren't comic book enough for you? What about the team of ninjas secretly controlling the world and bringing 'order' to it?

I know what you mean, but it always cracks me up how many comic book/fantastical elements there really are in Nolan's films that people don't think of.

Hayabusa 1172828d ago


Which is why it takes a good story teller to "disguise" those comic elements and make them feel believable. That's why Dark Knight was better then Batman Begins: Dark Knight felt more "real" because it was about people. That bloody microwave transmitter ruined Batman Begins IMO. Even when I watch it now, I'm glued to the screen until Batman begins jumping onto trains to deactive something that might as well be a nuke.

Which is why I'm slightly disheartened to see another "device" in Dark Knight Rises. First Catwoman's outfit, now this (althought it does cool!) I doubt this is going to be the next Dark Knight I'm afraid :(

LackTrue4K2828d ago

that makes senses, in the trailer all the towers are falling!

StarWarsFan2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I'm still disappointed with Catwoman's look in this movie.

Crazay2828d ago

I'm not at all disappoiinted in the look. I've just been very vocal about the casting decision. What would you prefer she looked like? Muchelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman? Maybe you'd prefer the look of Halle Berry's abortion of a movie.

I really don't see what's so bad about the design - it screams Catwoman to me - It's worn by a woman, form fitting, black and even looks like it has the ears. Lemme think about that for a moment...Ya - that does sound like Catwoman to me.

Kurylo3d2828d ago

the ears are the problem.

Crazay2828d ago

@Kurly - How and why are they a problem? You don;t want her to have them? they not big enough for you? Please elaborate.

alycakes2828d ago

I haven't been disappointed about any of the stuff we've seen so far. I think they've let us see just enough to get us excited and's the end results that's important so that's what I'm going to wait for before making my final judgement.