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Player Affinity writes: "The season premiere of Fringe, "Neither Here nor There," is a woven tapestry that put a lot of effort into hiding its intricate parts. By the end of the breathtaking third season, the writers had led the audience — and themselves to a degree — into a corner, so they now have to gently lead us back out to, well, Peter. With this episode, they tried and succeeded in kick-starting that process while making sure newcomers to the series are not put off. They first reminded everyone (including regular viewers) of the realities of the new timeline before delicately setting things up for the new season. The result of those necessary steps is an episode that works as an introduction, but is only a promise of better things."

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alycakes2823d ago

I'm going to give them a couple of episodes to bring Peter back. If they don't bring him back in a logical manner then that's it! I can't say that the show will make any sense to me then. I really didn't enjoy the first episode very much at all and I have loved this show since the beginning so I'm trying to hang in there but we'll see how long I can do that.