Netflix Secures Streaming Deal With DreamWorks

NYT Says:

LOS ANGELES — DreamWorks Animation, the company behind successful movie franchises like “Madagascar” and “Shrek,” said it had completed a deal to pump its films and television specials through Netflix, replacing a less lucrative pact with HBO.

The Netflix accord, which analysts estimate is worth $30 million per picture to DreamWorks over an unspecified period of years, is billed by the companies as the first time a major Hollywood supplier has chosen Web streaming over pay television.

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Crazay3441d ago

This is a huge win for Netflix. Deals like this is why they had to raise the price of it's services in the US.

JL3440d ago

And I think this is also good signs of what that split can help with. With each company able to focus on its own thing, I expect to see more stuff like this.

This is definitely good though considering the loss of Starz. This should at least help to fill that void a little bit.

And there's something there in the description that should really be pointed out: first time a major Hollywood supplier has chosen Web streaming over pay television.

I expect that to become a trend over the years. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I'm betting more and more, studios are going to find that the potential audience in the streaming department is larger than that of paid cable.

I also expect, since Netflix is now focused solely on streaming (with Qwikster being DVD), that we're going to see a stronger push to be a real competitor to such companies as HBO. Much like how they outbid all those paid cable networks for that exclusive series a while back.

Crazay3440d ago

I totally agree with you JL - They hustled and paid huge $$$ for that show with Kevin Spacey. Haven't heard anything on that front in a while - I assume it's still coming.

Soldierone3440d ago

The only problem I have with this is Dreamworks is a bit "newer" per say so they adapt more easily to things like this. Notice how the "bigger" companies are still reluctant to do anything they dont make 100 percent profit from?

Take a film business class, you will see how many people get screwed and how the ultimate goal of companies like this is to simply make more money go into their pockets. They even tried to cut out theaters before.

StarWarsFan3439d ago

Finally, some good news from Netflix.