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Anne Hathaway Looks Purr-fect as Her Sexy Catwoman Outfit is Finally Revealed

Daily says:

She's been working hard to get her figure in the best shape ever ahead of playing Catwoman in the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

And yesterday Anne Hathaway showed off the results of all her work as she displayed her incredibly toned physique in her sexy Catwoman catsuit, which she labelled 'unforgiving' in a recent interview.

The 29-year-old actress looked svelte in the tight black outfit - the first time we have seen the new Catwoman outfit in its entirety.

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Crazay3443d ago

I think the outfit actually looks pretty ok. She does fill it out nicely too. I'm just not a fan of hers....

However, some of the other pics here are pretty sweet. We finally see Batman in his Batcopter ot whatever it's going ot be called and Tumbler looking vehicle with a BFG on the top like some sort of tank.

darklordzor3443d ago

I like the outfit and think it's a great combination of Nolan's style and the iconic Catwoman. Let's just hope this keeps the fanboys quiet about it now. Seriously, their bitching was starting to bring me down.

Crazay3443d ago

I can't help but to laugh at the fanboys and their constant bitching.

grifter0243443d ago

Actually they are still complaining.

Personally I dont know why they went with a person that almost all of her movies are "Comedies."

Also I dont like the "Ears," On her head...Nolan is trying to make it all real yet those ears look idiotic.

KingPin3443d ago

remember these were the same fanboys bitching that joker would suck coz its played by Mr Brokeback himself. and come the movie they all shut the hell up and actually appreciated the way the character was acted out.

so i say to the fanboys, STFU. watch the movie first then if you don't like it, bitch and moan like pussies.

Nolan knows WTF he is doing. And BTW, Anne didn't get the job on her name alone, she actually, believe it or not, AUDITIONED for it.

and just coz people never seen her act in a dark role before, doesn't mean she cant do it.

Peaceful_Jelly3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

people were complaining about this: http://filmfix.files.wordpr... because they were expecting something akin to this: http://www.darkknightrisesr... but we got this: which is not that bad but still not good enough.

Captain Qwark 93443d ago

i think she looks fuckin hot, the outfit is cool to me. more or less exactly what i had figured it would be.......

if it were my choice though i would leave catwoman out of it all together, in fact i would leave the love shit out of all of them period.

Crazay3443d ago

The "ears" on top of her head are part of the goggles we saw in the first image of her dressed up.

JL3443d ago

Seems you're right. In fact, she was wearing that costume there in the original pics it appears too. Including the mask. The only difference now is that the ears are up. Seems they pull down into goggles for some reason. I do hope it's more than just for riding a motorcyle (like was shown in the first set of pics). Maybe they are actually some type of night vision goggles (goes with the cat theme) or infrared goggles (which would help with the burglar side of the character), or even a combination of those.

Crazay3443d ago

That's exactly what my thought was too. They must be some form of infrared or night vision goggles.

edwest3443d ago

I would have preferred they just avoid making her sexy and make something more in line with the Joker or Scarecrow in the previous films, wherin the icon is still there but rendered in an intimidating and fearsome way.
If the Joker was a Sid Vicious hybrid then this should have been a gothic Annie Lennox. Yes, this is undoubtedly Catwoman but it just reeks of vanilla.

Crazay3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Bubble up!

This is a really good thought by you Ed. Problem is, you can't have Catwoman without making her sexy and sultry (though I still can't get see Hathaway as "Sexy"). Would you really see Catwoman as intimidating or fearsome though? I mean she's just a femme fatale who walks that fine line between Hero and Villian.

edwest3443d ago


I would say though that pop culture icons only evolve when they are radically altered or moulded into new forms. Batman and Superman for example have gone through similar changes in characterisation and appearance.
Superman used to be a ruthless enforcer before he became 'the big blue boy scout'.Catwoman has been a femme fatale ever since her inception.

The ambiguity of Catwoman's morals is fine, but its about time she was more than a femme fatale.

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