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Shawn Levy Confirms He’ll Direct ‘Real Steel 2,’ But Will Have To Wait For Busy Hugh Jackman

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Exclusive: Director Shawn Levy is still two weeks away from the release of his robot boxing movie, “Real Steel,” but development work has already begun on a sequel. It’s a show of faith from DreamWorks and producer Steven Spielberg.

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MinimeJer053450d ago

Ugh, not another Real Steel. The first one was hard enough to sit through.

Quagmire3450d ago

Lets hope Huge Ackman makes Wolverine 2 before then

StarWarsFan3450d ago

If we see Real Steel 2 before Wolverine 2, someone should be fired.

alycakes3448d ago

I am waiting to see Real Steel...It's not out yet...not here anyway. It comes out next month.