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The Best and Worst of Entourage | Player Affinity

Player Affinity writes: "With Entourage done and dusted after almost eight years on our screens, a quick internet search will let anyone know that there are more than a few differences of opinion about the show. Some people loved how it began, others how it ended. The middle worked well for for a majority and others loathed the entire show from its inception. Nevertheless, Entourage definitely has a legacy. I obviously watched the show and have seen every episode (many on more than one occasion), and whilst it comes nowhere near the top of any ranked list of shows that I’ve seen in my life, I’d be hard pressed to say that I didn’t enjoy almost all of it. The extent to which I enjoyed it definitely varies however, and while those who have seen it will have their own opinions, those who haven’t but were considering giving it a go might want some idea of where to dip their beak to get a taste of Sex and the City man-style."

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