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The Weekly Rhetoric: How Star Wars Fans Ruined Star Wars

TMP examines the history of Star Wars fandom, and how the once legendary franchise became one of the most hated sagas ever. More importantly...are you to blame?

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darklordzor3549d ago

There's a few things in here I don't agree with, but the thing I do 100%, is that I shouldn't have to feel guilty about any of the Star Wars things I buy. Just because I want to watch them in HD doesn't mean I have to feel guilty about it or that I'm 'contributing to the problem'..I just want to watch them in HD.

Soldierone3549d ago

I feel PC gamers are the same problem to the game industry as Star Wars fans.

You buy a console and its like "wow your stupid, PC is better" its annoying as hell. Same goes for Star Wars fans. Everything has to be "original" or a specific thing or you are not a "true Star Wars Fan" and to that I say WHO CARES. I enjoy Star Wars, I a huge fan of Star Wars, I can't wait to have money to buy these HD collections.

I'm so tired of people whining on the internet lol. Just let people enjoy what they like to enjoy. :P

darklordzor3549d ago

Yeah, I just look with pity upon those who try to tell me I'm not a 'true Star Wars fan'. I've got about $50,000 worth of a collection that takes up my house and 2 storage sheds that say differently.

It's also at that point when I issue my trivia challenge.