Woody Harrelson Enters Oscar Race With Millennium's $2 Million Deal For 'Rampart'

Millennium Entertainment is putting Woody Harrelson into the Best Actor Oscar race this year, closing a $2 million U.S. rights acquisition of Rampart. That is the Oren Moverman-directed police corruption drama that Moverman wrote with L.A. Confidential author James Ellroy. The plan is to open in 20 cities and launch campaigns for Harrelson and for Moverman for Best Director and Screenplay.

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StarWarsFan3442d ago

This could be interesting.

Crazay3442d ago

I love Woody Harrelson. He was great in Cheers but even better in Natural Born Killers. I admit that I've not yet seen everything he's been in but the movies I have watched I found that he was awesome.

alycakes3442d ago

I think he's Oscar material...he's just not had that part yet that people will acknowledge how talented he is. I've always liked him in his acting serious or funny. Cheers was his the best start he could have ever made....he was great in it....he could make me laugh so much more than the others on the show.