Scott Burns To Write Ridley Scott's New 'Blade Runner'?

While nobody is quite sure what Ridley Scott's new Blade Runner film will be just yet we may know who is writing it.

Sources tell Twitch that Scott Burns - writer of Contagion and The Bourne Ultimatum - has been identified as the top choice to write the picture by both Scott himself, his producers at Alcon and the project's backers at Warner Brothers and that all parties are now involved in active talks to make it happen.

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StarWarsFan3441d ago

I curious as to how this will evolve and the story line they're going to focus on.

Crazay3441d ago

Personally, I'd love to see Dekker (Harrison Ford) back in movie but as more of a fugitive or something like that. Blade Runner was such an awesome movie. I'm really excited to see that they're moving ahead with this project in a seemingly "full steam ahead" fashion.

alycakes3441d ago

Well, he did leave as a fugitive at the end of Blade Runner because he was suppose to kill the girl but he didn't instead he ran away with her so I guess they could bring him back in a cameo of some sort.

JL3440d ago

I'm probably gonna take some heat for this, but I think Blade Runner is a tad bit overrated. It was a good enjoyable movie, don't get me wrong. But it wasn't some sort of masterpiece like some claim. It was just a good enjoyable movie.

It looks good. Can't take that away. Scott and the set designers proved themselves absolute visionaries when creating this movie. Can't deny that. However, the characters are a bit thin, the pacing can feel awkward at times, some of the writing feels "forced" (for lack of better word) at times and, honestly, it can be kinda boring at times.

I think critics had it right at first. Initially it was rated as being a good movie but not overly great and definitely not a masterpiece. It wasn't until later that people started defining it that way. I think this simply stems from the influence it had on the genre. This being basically just because of the dark tone and the set design. Due to that (it's influence) it has climbed up to a hyped up status....because it now has a legacy behind it. Initially, it was seen for what it was.

That being said, I would watch a second one.