LRA: Abduction - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Let's get the obvious question out of the way first, why did I go see this movie? Despite never have seeing the Twilight series and not really giving a shit about Team Jacob or Team Edward the trailer for this film actually looked semi-competent as a throwaway action flick. It was directed by the once great John Singleton (remember Boyz N The Hood?) and had a supporting cast that one would hope had the smarts to stay away from such a blatant attempt to use Lautner's fame to make a quick buck. I wasn't expecting anything revolutionary but more like something to giggle at while being entertained by some trashy action scenes. To be fair here, I think the premise of the film worked out much better than I thought it would but other than a decent first act it quickly turned into a series of cliche getaway chase scenes that were connected by some of the most illogical set of events I have seen in a while that not even a good actor in the lead role could have saved it from.

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