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LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Clive Owen

LRA writes: Clive Owen is a very reliable actor. He is one of those guys that can raise sub-par material and make it better than it should be. He also is one of those actors that seems to get stuck playing the same role all the time. Most of his roles have him playing the part of the reluctant hero, the guy that has a very dark aura about him who lives by simple principals and when those principals are broken he takes action. He doesn't always get saddled with roles like that though but it happens often enough that I kind of wish he would play a role that would let him loosen up a bit sometimes. Regardless though he gets those roles cause he is damn good at them and they make up quite a bit of this list actually. While most of his films are not necessarily blockbusters (most of them perform badly as a matter of fact) I believe that one day he will get the fame he deserves and these are the films that I think will be looked back upon as helping pave that way to super stardom.

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StarWarsFan3450d ago

I don't think I've ever been overly impressed by Clive Owen.

alycakes3450d ago

Oh...I like him a lot. He was great in Sin City, Inside Man, Children of Men, really all the ones they mentioned except King Arthur was a little disappointing. I also liked him in Beyond Borders.

Can't wait to see Killer Elite for both him and Jason Statham.