Gaming On Film - Pokemon: The First Movie

The Pokémon franchise has never been anything short of ambitious. Starting as a Gameboy title set across two versions, featuring 150 Pokémon in total, the series now boasts over 30 titles, an incredibly popular trading card game, and a long running anime series, and now 649 Pokémon for players to collect. Back in the late 90′s, Pokémon absolutely EXPLODED, and was even popular enough to have a handful of its movies released in American theaters. This week on Gaming On Film, PixelJumpers takes a look back at the first theatrically released Pokémon movie, fittingly dubbed Pokémon: The First Movie.

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Shackdaddy8364203d ago

I loved this movie!

The part where Ash became petrified made me cry :)

CanadianTurtle4203d ago

I'm glad I was lucky enough to be apart of the pokemon craze when I was a kid.