Casey Affleck to Play the Angel Gabriel in 'Paradise Lost'

The Collider:
Though it was Ben Affleck who played the fallen angel in Dogma, Casey Affleck always seemed the more angelic of the two brothers. Finally cinema will reattain balance now that, per Variety, the younger Affleck is in negotiations to play the angel Gabriel in Paradise Lost. Based on the John Milton epic poem, the story center on an epic battle of good and evil between Michael (Benjamin Walker) and Lucifer (Bradley Cooper), who mounts an army after after he is cast out of heaven. Dijmon Hounsou also stars as Abdiel, the angel of death, in the adaptation directed by Alex Proyas (Knowing). The casting is shaping up really well. Affleck, who will next be seen in Tower Heist on November 4, is a nice addition.

Credit: Variety

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Crazay3444d ago

Despite the hate that Casey and Ben both get from alot of people, I admit that I'm a fan of both actors. This could be a really good role for Casey.

alycakes3443d ago

I agree and I happen to like both actors also. Ben has also proven himself to be a good director. I think he had his slump but has gotten past it now. Casey is very good in what parts he has taken whether they be serious or funny.

I'm really looking forward to this movie. I love movies with angels and demons...they really know how to get the action and fights going.

StarWarsFan3443d ago

I'm a decent fan of Ben Affleck, though to a limited extent. Casey's voice can be quite annoying in large doses.

alycakes3442d ago

Voices can be annoying in some cases but not his. They have to be more like Paula Dean's on the Food Network to damage my calm.