Entertainment Focus - Review: Warrior

Tommy (Tom Hardy – The Dark Knight Rises) returns home after a tour of duty and reluctantly reconnects with his ex-alcoholic father Paddy (Nick Nolte – 48 Hours). He starts training with him for a mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament in the hope of winning some cash for a fallen comrade’s family. Elsewhere Brendan (Joel Edgerton – Animal Kingdom), Paddy’s other son, is struggling to keep payments up on his house. The high-school teacher is working hard to deliver for his family and is forced to partake in underground fights to make ends meet – something his wife Tess (Jennifer Morrison – House M.D.) doesn’t know about. Brendan eyes the upcoming tournament as a potential way to solve his family’s money worries and enters not knowing that Tommy is back on the scene. The two estranged brothers are soon on a collision course as they progress through the tournament and reignite long-standing problems and broken dreams.

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alycakes3450d ago

This was such an awesome movie...I think everyone should go see it on the big screen. I'm not one to go see fight movies but I'm glad I went to see this one. I highly recommend it.