‘Kick-Ass’: Mark Millar Knows Exactly How it Will All End

Hero Complex says:

Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s “Kick-Ass” comic continues with the saga of high school geek Dave Lizewski and his transformation into the violent vigilante in the current seven-issue miniseries “Kick-Ass 2,” the second portion of the trilogy. The comic is nearly halfway through its run (No. 3 came out Aug. 24) and is still as popular as ever with five reprintings of issue No. 1 of the series alone. Hero Complex contributor Jevon Phillips caught up with writer Millar to find out what’s going on with the title and to get some answers about a movie sequel.

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Crazay3442d ago

I really really liked KickAss. That movie was so much fun I can't wait for a sequel. Seems that the time between movies will have to change a few things for the next flick dude to young Chloe being much older by the time they get around to it.

StarWarsFan3440d ago

A sequel might lose the charm of the first one with the entire cast older.

Crazay3440d ago

I don't know about that. Kick Ass and The Red Mist are already adults anyway. Chloe is the only one that's going to have aged in any major way since the last one.

Chnswdchldrn3440d ago

movie ended on too happy of a note as oppose to the comic

jimmywolf3440d ago

you call that ending a happy note? hate too see your version of a sad movie ending

Crazay3439d ago

I read the comic too and found that the ending was less than bright. The movie was similar but did have a more hopeful feel and tone to it.