Mass Effect Movie Confusingly Not Based on Games

Game rant says:

For movie fans, it’s no secret that the annual San Diego Comic-Con is the place to be but in recent years, we’re seeing a big push from the video games industry as well. How fitting then, that what may be our most anticipated video game movie adaptation also was treated to a little presentation there earlier this summer.

In the first ever Comic-Con panel from Legendary Pictures, Mass Effect was one of four early-in-production high concept films discussed and it was there where fans got their first glimmer of hope that BioWare’s own sci-fi epic could be the property that turns the tide of the video game movie genre.

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nyobzoo3444d ago

idk, that might be a better idea to have a completely new story rather then trying to cram 3 games into a 2hr movie

Crazay3444d ago

I'm with you on that one to a degree. I don't want the characters personalities or origins to change but I do want to see some sort of new adventure/story arch. One has to wonder if this is going to take place after the 3rd game.

Aloren3443d ago

It should happen before the 1st game. It doesn't make sense to tell the story of a hero who has saved the galaxy 3 times already . It would also instantly resolve most of the "but my favorite character isn't there" issues.

Soldierone3444d ago

Thats the thing I don't understand. Twilight, Harry Potter, etc...all had one movie per book....why not have one movie per game?

Soldierone3444d ago

Been down this road the guy that was faiing with uncharted doing this or something? I don't agree with the decision entirely, it just Hollywood (yet again) saying they are better story teller than video game....even though they have yet to make a good video game movie.

However its a space story and as long as the core stays the same I will see it.

Crazay3443d ago

I'm pretty sure this is just an animated feature.

Legion3443d ago

If it is an animated feature then I could care less what they do with it. I'll watch it for what it is and wait for the real life feature to come out.

Voxelman3443d ago

it's better this way the actual stories in the mass effect games isn't that strong, the choices and setting are what make it interesting. By taking the setting and making a companion piece they can avoid a lot of baggage and focus on telling a great story that doesn't step on the tows of the games cannon and doesn't piss off fans for rewriting history.

kamakaz3md3443d ago

not only is deus ex a better game but id like to add it would be a better movie...