How 'Total Recall' Saved Toronto's Film Industry

The Toronto Star discusses the last decade in the Toronto Film Industry and how the new production of 'Total Recall' has saved it.
Although we think 'saved' is a bit of a stretch, maybe more like 're-invigorated'!
Still, an interesting article.

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StarWarsFan3444d ago

Let's just hope the movie was well-made.

Quagmire3444d ago

There's no three-titted alien due to the film having a PG-13 rating.

SO no, its not going to be as good as Arnie's original.

Crazay3444d ago

The fact that they lost the "MUTANT" not "Alien" hooker with 3 boobs totally does suck. I still think this could be a really good movie. Hopefully they at least give the viewer a proper sense of closure instead of leaving us to wonder if it really was his dream or reality.

DeFFeR3444d ago

I thought they already confirmed that she would be in there...