The Essential Doctor Who Episodes - During our most recent recording of The Lonely Tardis, we asked our hosts to help us put together an “essential” episode list for the most recent seasons of Doctor Who (2005 and beyond). The resulting conversation (and at times debate) made for not only a great show, but a terrific resulting list. As a team, we narrowed it down to 10 episodes that convey not only what the Doctor is all about, but also those that best help to catch up to the current season with Matt Smith as the Eleventh incarnation.

Boy, was it tough. Just hitting key plot points sent us into territory that included the first sightings of staple foes, friends, loves, and losses, and would have easily topped 20+ shows. Many of our personal favorite episodes needed to be dropped, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t still recommend them in the future. Think of those that made the cut as great big appetizers: enough for a meal, but leaving us hungry for more. They also look more into the Doctor’s character rather than the overall timeline, allowing us to become familiar with him regardless of where we begin watching afterwards.

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alycakes2822d ago

I finally got to see The End of Time Part 1 and 2 when David Tennent finally has to die and evolve into the other Doctor Who. It was really two good episodes him going back to say his goodbyes to everyone, even Rose, but so sad.

I think out of the Doctors I have seen...he has been my favorite and I miss him. I haven't seen much of the new one yet so I'll try to adjust but maybe it was the love story between The Doctor and Rose that was different about this one than all the others that made him more understanding and likeable. I just know that I miss that about him.