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Magisto Wants to Take Humans Out of the Editing Process

From TMP:

An all new web-based service is offering to take your un-edited videos and do it all for you, automatically by a computer and ready to share with the world in only a matter of minutes. Maybe next they'll shoot it and everything for you too!

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darklordzor3444d ago

I shouldn't hate this as much as I do...but I can't seem to help it. Even though they say it's specifically for the average consumer who doesn't know anything about editing, it still feels like they're marginalizing the editing process in general.

Soldierone3443d ago

Its even worse. I mean for "new" users that don't know anything about will they ever learn? Instead they will all jump to this, learn to tweak it to hell etc...and when that generation is older it will be used, simply because they have no idea how the normal process works....

I mean look at how many people use Avid and film now compared to Adobe and Final Cut products or digital cameras. Film is clearly better quality, but the industry changed.

StarWarsFan3444d ago

I'd need to see this. It all depends on how much editing it actually does and how the final product looks.

darklordzor3443d ago

Well the site is active now so you can upload something and see how it works.