‘Fast’ Schedule Forces Justin Lin To Exit ‘Terminator’, But He Might Be Back

From Deadline:

Things are starting to move on The Terminator franchise, but a plan by rights owner Megan Ellison and Arnold Schwarzenegger to put the first of two pictures in production for the fourth quarter of 2012 has forced director Justin Lin to drop out.

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3446d ago
darklordzor3446d ago

Well, first he drops out of Highlander and now this...Fast Six just seems to be getting in the way. I have a strong feeling he'll be coming back for it though Seeing as how they have no screenwriters attached or anything yet, there's probably plenty of time for him to make Fast Six and then come on to this one.

StarWarsFan3446d ago

Let's get this movie done already.

KingPin3445d ago

well this is good news.

lets not make anymore terminator movies please. they freaking butchering the crap out of it.

if james cameron is not attached to the project in any way they should just not make it at all. <anyone seen terminator 3? and salvation?>

i dont wanna see another terminator flop. just leave the franchise alone and make another new sci-fi movie.

darklordzor3445d ago

I actually liked the idea of Salvation. It had some flaws in the execution, but overall I enjoyed seeing the actual war and not going back to the same "we're from the future" stuff.