Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Blu-ray Review) Why So Blu?

Why So Blu writes: Summer 2011 came and went like a thief in the night. It is the Fall season (at least it’s approaching the Fall season), and one of Summer 2011′s flagship films is here on the Blu-ray format! That film is Transformers: Dark of the Moon. If you’re a a fan of the first two films, then you will really not care about what I have to say. You have already made up your mind and just want to know if the Blu-ray rocks or not. I will let you know how the Blu-ray looks and sounds, but I will also let you know what I think of the film itself anyway. Quid pro quo, yo! Enough banter, let’s see what Transformers: Dark of the Moon has to offer.

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