Dark Knight Rises Rumor Control: Will the Ending Be Completely VFX?

From TMP:

Another week goes by, and yet another The Dark Knight Rises rumor pops up on the internet. This is coming from the Twitter feed of one of the sound-recordists, claiming that the ending to the film will be done entirely using visual effects.

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darklordzor4201d ago

I seriously doubt it. At least not for the reason the guy is saying.

StarWarsFan4201d ago

I don't see this happening.

Soldierone4201d ago

I think it would be cool. He does it, doesn't agree or say anything about it, then suddenly "oh yeah it was all fake, thats how badass our vfx guys are!" lol

In other news, Batcopter! Does that mean we are getting shark repellent spray too?!

darklordzor4200d ago

Naw, he was just talking about the new batwing or whatever it's called we've been seeing pics of.

Yeah, when the news about the 'batcopter' first hit a while ago though, that's what I thought too!

Shackdaddy8364200d ago

Would be awesome if they do comic-book type thing...

darklordzor4200d ago

What? I'm sorry, I don't know what you're getting at.