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FleshEatingZipper says: "The Driver is intense. Methodical, cold, pensive, we meet him (Ryan Gosling) on task. He’s a cowboy; always on point, quiet with toothpick dangling. You give him a location and he’ll give you five minutes to do your work and get you out. After that, you’re on their own. He’s hard to mistake with that white coat – a golden scorpion is stitched on the back – that he wears to every task. The Driver’s life is simple and he’s good at it, but he’s not detached: when the girl next door (Irene, played by Carey Mulligan) and her seven-year-old son tug at his heart strings, a smile isn’t far behind. He’s human after all, doing what’s right to protect her, even if that involves the spontaneous use of acute violence."

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