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Screen Rant ‘Two And A Half Men’ Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

Screen Rant:
With Charlie Sheen out and Ashton Kutcher in, will ‘Two and a Half Men’ prove to the world that there’s still some laughs to be had in this series? Find out, as we review and discuss the season 9 premiere, ‘Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt.’

The moment has come to say goodbye to Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen​) and say hello to Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) in the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere.

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Lord_Sloth3456d ago

I find it funny that the word "quality" has appeared in an article about Two and a Half Men.

Soldierone3456d ago

This episode sucked. It wasn't Ashtons fault either, the writing behind it was terrible. I know they had a lot to touch upon, but come on. Almost a full episode dedicated to making fun of Charlie Sheen? Half the jokes were a quick giggle at best. It wasn't the Roast of Charlie Sheen (which was way more funny) so get over it.

I noticed how the writers clearly left it open for him to come back too. He wasn't "seen" dead, the girl that always makes up stories just said she killed him. Ashton can't say he died, he can only say he "isn't with them anymore."

Plus the entire episode wasn't bust out laughing until the very end. I feel bad for Ashton his character is so poorly developed and full of horrible dialogue that people are going to say he sucks, when in reality he is just following the script. I hope the next episode is way better or this show is done.

DarkBlood3456d ago

well maybe i have different sense of humour or i dont take it seriously so loling is easy for me but i found it to be funny to an extent

curious to know why you think Ashton character is poorly developed i thought it was spot on for the most part and quick to the point

but i swear the episode felt short to me i could of sworn this was an hour long show was it not? had it been i think the problem from this episode would of been fixed

excuse the grammer sorry

Soldierone3456d ago

Totally agree, the episode needed to be an hour long. Considering they were guaranteed good ratings I don't know why it wasn't, perhaps for re-run sake?

However I think he was developed poorly simple because of his dialogue. I mean his acting was superb, he was getting the points across without saying anything. However he was saying things like "im depressed" or "I cant" or "I don't know how to do that" and it felt dumb. Like when he went to talk to the girl, it was mildly funny but why not make his actions funny instead of the dialogue? Thats what Ashton does best.

It all felt forced in a way, like he was under developed and being told to tone things down. Hopefully they let him loosen up in the next episode and do things his way. Since all the charlie sheen jokes are out of the way, lets move on with the show for reals now....

alycakes3455d ago

I agree with was not a great starter but it did get great ratings. The only reason I think it got the ratings was because everyone wanted to know how they were going to get rid of the story was going to be done so that he was never going to come back.

As for me that was the first and last episode I will watch. John Cryer aka Alan Harper always got on my last nerve so I won't miss him at all. As for the rest of the cast...they were never the main focus anyway.

Baka-akaB3455d ago

for me its the complete opposite .

I wouldnt stand charlie harper/sheen on its own .

It's truly the cast that made the show for me , and some of the worst episodes were those with the least appeareances from the rest of the crew .

Anywa i liked the premiere , it wasnt exceptional but still good . Kutcher was ok , but something bothered me about his rather monotoneous delivery