Casey Jones Fan Film Makes You Long For a New TMNT Movie

From TMP:

A new Ninja Turtles fan film has recently launched online, and focuses solely on the character of Casey Jones. Not only is this short film incredibly well put together, you'll find yourself wishing for a new Ninja Turtles

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darklordzor2828d ago

First we got that Fight the Foot fan film (which was also awesome) and now this one. Maybe it's time to let a few of these fans handle the franchise (just a couple). They seem to be working faster than the studios are right now.

StarWarsFan2827d ago

I miss the Ninja Turtles.

Quagmire2827d ago

I liked the Latest TMNT film, it had a darker tone which worked well, and the fight between Raph and Leo was epic.

I dont mind a Live Action one so long as the character designs for the turtles dont look too cartoony, but slightly more reliatsic. Oh and keep the same voice actors.

darklordzor2827d ago

I disagree that it had a darker tone (it was designed for kids and the first film was way darker), but I do agree that it was a good movie and I enjoyed it.

Lord_Sloth2827d ago

Since I'm currently working on a web series of my own, this is of particular interest to me...

darklordzor2827d ago

Cool, you'll have to fill us in on that. If you want to know more, I'm actually doing an interview with the filmmaker today about this movie.

Lord_Sloth2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

if I'm not too late, I'm curious about the process of getting permission to film in different locations.

Costs and such.

darklordzor2826d ago

As far as filming in locations, that's really as simple as asking the person who owns the building(s).

There are some release forms you can have them sign, and money is entirely up to them. Though with most indie films or something like a personal film, you can oftentimes shoot at a location with permission without paying a cent.

Plenty of local businesses won't mind if you don't interfere with their business or give them some sort of special thanks in the credits.

Lord_Sloth2826d ago

Simple as that, eh? Awesome. Thanks, man. What sort of editing software do you use?

darklordzor2826d ago

Yeah it really is as simple as that. Everyone thinks it's harder, and that's why most people don't try.

I've always been a big Final Cut Pro advocate, but have lately had to switch to Premiere CS5 because my Mac up and died on me. Hopefully my tax return this year can replace it.

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