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The Top Ten Movies from TIFF 2011 (C&G Monthly)

Well, folks, it happened again: the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival has come and gone. All of those movie stars and desperate young filmmakers anxious to sell a new project have returned home with either gigantic smiles (George Clooney) or pained expressions of disappointment (let’s face it, pretty well everyone else). It’s hard to point to any particular film that leapt out and established itself as an unequivocal masterpiece and inevitable Oscar-winner this year. There really wasn’t one of those around to mop up all the praise. Instead audiences got a pretty damn stellar collection of small and interesting movies. The blockbusters came and went, but none of them left the same impression as the smaller movies and pleasant surprises. With that in mind, C&G would like to present a list of the ten best films to appear at the festival for the genre-loving crowd.

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