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Will Netflix's Quest to Kill DVD's Destroy Their Company?

From TMP:

Netflix seems to think it has a winner with Instant Watch, but will their plan to syphon off their DVD package kill both their company AND online streaming as we know it?

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darklordzor3451d ago

I don't know. I doubt Netflix is going to be dying out anytime soon. If anything having Qwikster also doing games now (and giving Gamefly some much needed competition), it's possible this will end up making Netflix that much stronger.

Soldierone3450d ago

The only thing I don't like about this is the fact its not all once company. Why can't the two be the same? Share the same website, and content etc....its stupid that you are removing it entirely and creating a whole new database for no apparant reason.

as for the name change, its needed. They are offering games now, and netFLIX doesn't make sense in that regards at all. For all those complaining about prices, well you better not complain about lack of content then....

StarWarsFan3450d ago

I think Netflix needs new and more stable management.

darklordzor3449d ago

I'm excited about the addition of games, but like Solider said, keeping them separate does kind of suck. I'd rather be able to do everything all in one spot still.

alycakes3449d ago

They're definitely having some problems right now and they do have to do with whoever is running the business but I think it's a power stuggle right now between a few of them. As soon as they get everything settled and things calm down I'm sure the consumer will probably be the one to get a little benefit from it. They are already embarassed by the way all this has been handled in the press so they will have to make up for it some how so maybe we will get a break in it somehow.