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Milla Jovovich Reveals Resident Evil: Retribution Details Via Twitter

Milla Jovovich made some announcements about Resident Evil: Retribution, via her Twitter page. The fifth installment is currently filming in Toronto, Canada.

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StarWarsFan3363d ago

Milla Jovovich is already thinking about a 6th movie in the franchise.

DarkBlood3362d ago

it was confirmed i think by the director himself that the 6th film will be the last

Crazay3363d ago

Wonderful - The Las Plagas parasite? This series is dead to me now. I haven;t liked the Resident Evil games since they took that direction.

alycakes3363d ago

I've never done the games but I do like the movies. The last one didn't so as much for me as the other 3 but I'm hoping this one will make up for it.

MinimeJer053362d ago

Glad to see some closure being done with the Jill Valentine character. The only thing interesting in the film series.