LRA: Shark Night 3D - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Sharks have been a faithful antagonist in horror films for quite some time now. I shouldn't even have to mention the quintessential shark movie of all time but just in case you were born yesterday (which is most likely the case anymore...I'm so old) I have to bring it up. Jaws scared the living shit out of everyone that watched it back when it was released and while not every film featuring the underwater eating machines has tried to copy what that film did so well there are those out there that still feel as though they have something to offer us. Probably my second favorite movie dealing with sharks as the killers has to be Renny Harlin's Deep Blue Sea (that should give an indication of the lack of good shark movies out there when those two movies, one being amazing and the other being alright, are in my top two). Why do I bring up both of those movies for this review? Well because Shark Night 3D is in fact an attempt at a recreation of both those films (at least it feels that way) while also trying to succeed at being your run of the mill teenage slasher flick. While those ambitions are noble I think in the end the filmmakers bit off more than they could chew.

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