The Lion King 3D Re-Release Rules Box Office

MediaStinger: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaa sibenya babagish shibaba! Disney’s popular classic The Lion King, my favorite animated movie, demonstrated its timelessness by roaring back to (its circle of) life via a 3D re-release this weekend."

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StarWarsFan4209d ago

I was expecting a solid box-office result this weekend, but even I wasn't expecting that much of a tally for The Lion King.

JL4209d ago

Definitely didn't expect it to do that well. Of course, it wasn't going against anything of any real note as far as publicity and hype go. Just a couple "indie" films.

I have no desire to go see it in 3D. However, I'll definitely be picking it up on Blu-ray.

Soldierone4209d ago

So....what do you guys think is next on the list? We all know Disney isn't going to sit back and let these numbers go by, another "classic" will be coming out probably next year for them to cash in.

firefoxprime4209d ago

Be cool if it was Mulan. Movie had some pretty epic battle scenes!!!

Shackdaddy8364208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Aladin. That seems like the next best pick for 3d(maybe Mulan too... or Pinocchio(3d nose growing ftw)...)

Shackdaddy8364208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Good. Maybe this will persuade Disney to want to make more hand-drawn films like the old days...

Pixar is nice and all, but hand-drawn films are the most memorable to me.

Aladdin, Lion King, Hercules, Snow White, Pinocchio, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc....

This made me really sad: