Brand New Concept Art For David Twohy's Riddick Revealed

Via his offical Facebook page, Vin Diesel has revealed this cool new concept art/key frame for the upcoming sequel RIDDICK, directed by David Twohy. Also, he shares some info on the possible 2012 release date.

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StarWarsFan2802d ago

So I guess Riddick isn't a peacemaker based on that concept art.

JL2802d ago

Looks really cool. I'm glad they're going back to more of a Pitch Black vibe.

alycakes2801d ago

Yes, me too and that is what it looks like. I hope it lives up to the hype.

No_Pantaloons2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Pitch black was awesome. Unfortunately I think they ruined the franchise with the 2nd movie. They completely rewrote everything we knew about him,into some awful, cheesy "last of" alien with superpowers for which I will never forgive them. Only one other time in the history of movies have I seen such disrespect in a sequel and that was the equally terrible highlander 2. If we could pretend chronicles didn't happen and write a true sequel to pitch black they could save it, but I don't see how they can return to greatness while continuing on with all the trash that movie left.

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