'Star Wars: The Complete Saga' Blu-Ray Review From Project-Blu

This set includes all six films, but you know most people wish it weren't that way. They'd want to get the extras, but not the prequels. It is what it is, folks.

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darklordzor4210d ago

I still don't get all of the hate for the Prequels. They weren't as good as the OT, but they still weren't total abominations either (at least in my mind).

I mean, remember back when Episode 3 finally came out on DVD, and people were bitching that they didn't make a big Saga edition 6 DVD set. Now people are bitching because they finally got it. It's stuff like this that makes all of us fanboys look bad and whiny.

Shackdaddy8364209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

episode 1 was a joke and pissed me, and a lot of other people off(fuck jarjar). I'm not even gonna capitalize the 'e' in episode because I hated that movie so much...
Episode 2 was extremely forgettable. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good.
Episode 3 was also forgettable. Just slightly better than 2.

Honestly, I hate the prequels so much because they are so incredibly inferior to the sequels and it feels like Lucas could have done soooo much better with them.

Luckily, they have the dvd box set of only the sequels because I will never ever even think about buying a prequel.

Also, this picture makes me incredibly sad:

DarkBlood4209d ago

well its a given they didn't have cgi to work with back then so films like that were harder to do?

im curious to ask what exactly was so bad about the prequals? the only thing i may agree on or understand the hate is the story but i dont see how they could of gotten any better,other then that the action is pretty ok

now i like the originals and im not just saying that because of popular opinion as a whole, i just do

Shackdaddy8364209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

The prequels had good action scenes. I will admit that. The problem is that they had absolutely horrible stories. I really think Lucas went downhill after the first trilogy and Indiana Jones. I mean, look at that new Indiana Jones movie. Aliens? Really Lucas? It almost feels like Lucas was abducted and had the creativity part of his brain cut out.

Plus the prequels didn't have that same magic that the originals had. I think that's because it had too much cgi or something. IDK, I like the use of models in movies more than cgi. It adds something to it that I can't explain. I wish more people would use puppets and models instead of cgi. It is cheaper. Its just that it takes more work.

Or maybe it's because the originals had the whole empire scene. I think having that evil empire made a naturally good script.

I will always be a Star Wars fan though and I can't wait until the next trilogy. Hopefully Lucas has a better time with writing the script. I hope he does a new trilogy soon. I think I heard he wanted to do a new one in 2021 which doesn't sound very realistic to me...

tunaks14208d ago

"Also, this picture makes me incredibly sad:

sorry to burst your bubble, but sets and props were still a huge thing for the prequels, but the internet loves to hate on everything so...

darklordzor4208d ago

The prequels actually used a lot of set props and models. Just look at any behind the scenes stuff for Revenge of the Sith. They built the Wookie treehouse and created a very long 'lava trough' to film the Mustafar landscape. On Episode 2 they built the entire city on Kamino (where the clones were created) as a model, and Episode 1 had Anakin's Podracer, the podracing arena, the starships in the hangar, and many of the droids were practical for the closeups.

So yeah, he still uses quite a bit of physical stuff.

And that picture of Lucas on the green in the "one the makes you sad" is really a photoshop of him on the set in a practical location:

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tunaks14208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

bandwagons over exaggerate the hate for the prequels, almost everyone I know that is into Star Wars also likes the prequels. People like to pretend the OT was flawless, lets face it almost anything brought up against the prequels can be applied to the OT. The are some cringe worthy dialogue in every other film/series if you are in the mindset to spot them.

"I will always be a Star Wars fan though and I can't wait until the next trilogy."

there is no trilogy, the whole story is wrapped up in rotj, eu stuff is just professional fan fiction.

Shackdaddy8364208d ago

Lucas said he wants to start up a new trilogy around 2021. It's supposed to be a sequel to the original SW. You can go look it up if you want. It's something about the republic after rotj with Luke as the head jedi. Lucas said he wants to do it in 2021 because the tech will be ready for his vision or something like that. Go look it up if you want.

And at your other reply - the old trilogy used models/puppets for everything. the new trilogy used cgi. Of course they also used some props and locations. That would look retarded if they didn't.

And the new trilogy does suck compared to the old trilogy. You and your little bandwagon of friends might not think so, but most people will agree that the old trilogy is way better than the new one.