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Worst Movie Remakes

The remake is a common complaint for cinemaphiles, and for good reason. Is it really that hard to think of a new idea? These eleven films take it to a whole new level, though. Proceed for our list of the least necessary movie remakes of all time.

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darklordzor4026d ago

I agree with pretty much all of those. I actually like the Island of Dr. Moreau, and didn't hate Godzilla as much as everyone else did. I mean, Godzilla could have been so much better, but for what it was, I still got some enjoyment out of it.

StarWarsFan4026d ago

I think Bedazzled, Godzilla, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory are given a bit too much of a hard time.

Lord_Sloth4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

While I liked the Clash remake, I always felt the original told the story and set the mood much better. The remake was just an action film, but not a bad 1.

Enjoyed the Time Machine.

Godzilla I enjoyed. Sure it wasn't awesome, but it wasn't bad at all.

Bedazzled was a cute little film that boosted up to awesome due to getting to see Elizabeth Hurley in her underoos. Awwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

I swear I'm the only person who hated both versions of Willy Wonka equally. There was nothing "charming" about the original. I despised it entirely. Even when I was a child I hated it.

Horny Melon4026d ago

Yeah don't agree with this very much....especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What people don't realize is that the gene wilder flick was nowhere near the book depps is much closer.

Godzilla was okay, Time Machine was okay,

JL4026d ago

Most of these I haven't even seen the original. And half I didn't even realize were remakes.

I will say, I didn't at all mind the Clash remake. I think that gets a bad wrap. Maybe the original was better (never seen it), but the remake wasn't really horrible. It was just a decent lil action flick, not the greatest of movies, but enjoyable nonetheless for me.

Godzilla wasn't horrible either. And I didn't hate the Willy Wonka remake either. Maybe that's just because I love Depp's work. Bedazzled was one I didn't realize was a remake. I enjoyed that one well enough as well. Wasn't overly good or anything, but decent. Did help that Hurley is easy on the eyes. Plus I like Fraser.

The Wicker Man was horrible! So I will agree with that one. And The Day the Earth Stood Still wasn't all that great either.

I definitely have to disagree with City of Angels as well. I liked that movie and don't consider it to be bad at all. It was pretty good in my opinion. Definitely doesn't deserve the title of worst remake.

All in all, I can't say this is a very good list. What about The Pink Panther? Psycho? Taking of Pelham 1 2 3? Rollerball? Poseidon? The Fog? I didn't like the Nightmare on Elm Street remake nor the I Spit On Your Grave remake too much either. I'm sure there are more. And don't even get me started on Hollywood remakes of Asian horror movies, I could make a Top 10 list comprised of nothing but those, I'm sure.

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