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Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Blu-Ray Review From Project-Blu

Return of the Jedi was the weakest of the three OT (original trilogy) films. By a long shot. But, when you throw in the sheer amount of manipulations and alterations over the years, some of which are the most drastic and noticeable in the entire saga, there's plenty of reason to complain.

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Shackdaddy8363500d ago

This guy lost all credibility to me when he gave an original star wars movie a 6/10. I can understand a movie from the prequel, but WTF...

natebossblu3499d ago

Shack- this guy gave the DISC a 6/10. the film itself earned a magnificent 2/10. It's much worse than you think!

perhaps you're fine with the worst film in the OT being constantly butchered with awful change after awful change, but I'm not. not a SINGLE change has been for the better.

shadow27973499d ago

Yeah, because burn victims usually have eyebrows...

And personally, and I know this will piss you off, I have higher regard for ROTJ than ESB. I don't hate ESB, but it's my least favorite of the OT. That said, the Battle of Hoth is awesome.

Psychonaughty3498d ago

Nah i feel "A new Hope" was the weakest of the old films, I also love "The Return of the Jedi", it may just be my fave star wars film. I have no idea why Empire is most peoples fave tbh.

edwest3498d ago

This review doesn't read so much as anything other than a fanboy tirade. It seems that it's only getting the heat it is out of infamy. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to set aside the geek rage and discuss some real issues with the film, if we want tantrums we'll bounce over to youtube to watch that ginger kid and his lack of a soul.

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