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Why Star Wars Should Be Left To The Fans

Fans of Star Wars are not happy. Someone has been tampering with their movie history, altering elements of those intergalactic classics, which some feel is akin to an act of vandalism.

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darklordzor3681d ago

Yes, let's leave this beloved franchise in the hands of a bunch of people that would have no idea on how to agree on what should be done with it. I'm a massive Star Wars fan, and because of that, I know I wouldn't feel qualified to have it 'left in my hands'.

Soldierone3681d ago

Not only that, seeing a lot of these comments "they" all think they know how to make movies. Do I agree with some of Lucas' decisions to change things? Not entirely, but I know there is a reason behind it. Hell I don't like that he put "NOOOO" in the movie, but for all I know I will love it. (I have yet to get the collection, I have no money :( )

I'm a big Star Wars fan and because of that I respect the changes. Why re-buy the same thing all the time?

Its this attitude that will completely crumble any idea of another Star Wars film. Even if they went with a completely different storyline with no ties to the other six, people would still complain.

darklordzor3681d ago

Don't get me wrong, there are some very awesome fan films/fan fic out there created by Star Wars fans. But let's face it, there is a lot more crap out there than the good ones (and most of the best ones are actually parody based). So leaving Star Wars to the fans would ultimately end up awful, as only a handful of fans really knows what they're doing.

Fans wouldn't be able to decide on any consensus regarding Star Wars either. There are too many different trains of thought that no one would agree to anything!

So yeah, instead of leaving it in the hands of it's creator and allowing for a 'definitive' source for the SW universe, let's put it in the hands of a ridiculous amount of people that would have no real idea how to handle it. And if they did, then a bunch of other people would think they had a better idea, and nothing would happen. Good choice.

tunaks13680d ago

that would be the worst idea, ive seen some awesome fan made stuff, but just go and read some fan fic, there is some terrible stuff out there.

Sarobi3680d ago

Leave it to the fans?. Have you seen some of these people?, they can't even come to an agreement on the Han/Greedo situation