New Set Photos from Man Of Steel Reveal General Zod in Black Suit

"Some new set photos from Man of Steel have surfaced, this time featuring Michael Shannon’s General Zod decked out in a black suit." Intrigued? Don't hesitate and check them out.

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JL3692d ago

Definitely "weird" considering the mocap stuff that we've seen/heard about.

shadow27973692d ago

So does Clark Kent wear "contact lenses" now? Where in the world are his glasses? I'm hoping they fell off and this is supposed to be a suspenseful scene where he's worried people might recognize him.

JL3692d ago

You know, I didnt even pay attention to that. But now that you mention it, very interesting point.

Shackdaddy8363692d ago

It's ridiculous either way that no-one can make that connection...

Shackdaddy8363691d ago

Really? 3 disagrees? You guys don't think it's easy to see the similarity with superman and Clark even with the glasses on?

DarkBlood3692d ago

suppose to be riding a bike?

Quagmire3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

My guess for an over-the-shoulder shot of him riding a bike, a car or something was built behind it for the camera

StarWarsFan3692d ago

It's hard to tell how this new Superman movie will turn out. Nothing seems fantastic so far from the costumes or cast, but then again, there hasn't been a teaser or trailer.

Deadpool6163692d ago

That could be a good thing. It's probably better to have mixed expectations and just see what they managed to make when it's out in theaters.

Thecraft19893692d ago

This really is starting to look like trash.