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Comedy Giant Seth Rogen Says Serious TIFF Fare Doesn't Signal Shift to Drama

Even though Seth Rogen has two films being presented at TIFF this year, "50/50" and "Take This Waltz", both of which are dramas with only a splash of comedy, he says don't worry he doesn't plan to start making dramatic movies all the time now.

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MinimeJer053693d ago

Very interesting read. Goes to prove that Rogen is more than just a comedic stoner actor. I really enjoy his work and the variety he brings.

Soldierone3693d ago

Thats good news. I think every comedian like this does a few series movies, then goes back to comedy. And I'm sure he will go back to it again when his career is a bit older, and then finish with comedy as well. It just happens, and its a trend I see a lot.

However the only issue is with these guys its hard to take them seriously. When I see Seth Rogan, I want to laugh and not cry.

StarWarsFan3693d ago

Many comedians should stick to comedy.