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Interview With "Johnny English Reborn" Director Oliver Parker | Matt's Movie Reviews

Since his directorial debut with Othello in 1995, Oliver Parker has helmed a wide range of projects ranging from the classical (The Importance of Being Ernest) to the farcical (St. Trinian’s).

Now Parker can add action filmmaker to his palate with the release of Johnny English: Reborn, a stylish spoof of modern espionage movies which features the return of comedy god Rowan Atkinson as bumbling spy Johnny English.

Matt’s Movie Reviews spoke to Oliver Parker about the making of Johnny English: Reborn, spy movies and working with Rowan Atkinson.

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StarWarsFan3683d ago

I wish Rowan Atkinson was given a movie for him to do a lot more in than he usually does. I just think after I watch a movie with him that he could have been capitalized on more.

alycakes3681d ago

I like Johnny English...he's one of the funniest characters I've ever seen. I like it when someone can make me laugh that much.....and he does make me laugh.