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LRA: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011) - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: This review has taken a little while for me to get to. Usually I like to put my thoughts down on paper (metaphorically of course) just after watching a movie but I was so confounded by what exactly this movie was or was trying to be. The early buzz was good, having a name like Guillermo Del Toro doesn't hurt either and that first trailer that showed absolutely nothing besides a little girl curiously looking under her covers told me everything I wanted to know about it. For a movie to scare me though it takes a certain kind of skill on the filmmakers part. Earlier this year I (surprisingly) found myself unnerved by the little haunted house movie Insidious which played with expectations and took the tired formula of a family under attack by ghostly apparitions and made it fresh again. I, and I believe many others, were under the impression that Don't Be Afraid of the Dark was also gonna give the horror genre a kick in the ass, but instead I feel like I was just kicked in the nuts.

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