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The Hunger Games Wraps Principal Photography

From ComingSoon:

Lionsgate announced today that the studio has wrapped principal photography for The Hunger Games, opening in theaters on March 23.

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darklordzor3684d ago

Now the best part about filmmaking can beging: Post Production!

With filming now wrapped, let's hope we'll get a decent trailer before too long.

StarWarsFan3684d ago

I want a teaser and I want it now.

alycakes3684d ago

They've given us a teaser....I want a real good trailer and another poster for the movie. I can't wait to see it.

darklordzor3683d ago

Yeah Aly that's exactly what I'm waiting on too. I mean it's really only about 6 months away and the marketing so far has been very slim. With the time crunch I'm sure they'll be stepping it up soon.

alycakes3683d ago

You know we were talking about how they looked too old for the age they were playing? Well, they've still got 2 more movies to go if they make the trilogy...I wonder how they're going to look in those? It's going to take a few more years before they finish that.