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Entertainment Focus - Review: The Change-Up

Mitch (Ryan Reynolds – Buried) and Dave (Jason Bateman – Horrible Bosses) have been best friends since childhood. Mitch is a typical slacker who coasts on his good looks and is content with a life full of meaningless sex and no responsibility. Dave on the other hand is your average dependable husband with a beautiful wife named Jamie (Leslie Mann – Funny People), a bunch of kids and a decent, well paying job. The two friends get quite drunk one evening which results in both men reliving themselves in a park fountain. Whilst doing so they both bitch about their respective problems and wish they had one others life. But this is no ordinary park fountain and when they both wake up the next morning they find out that they’ve switched bodies. Can Dave be Mitch and Mitch be Dave for long enough to find the magic fountain again without rousing suspicion?

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