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Future Films Options Tony Lee And Dan Boultwood’s Hope Falls

Bleeding Cool:
Bleeding Cool, understands that the supernatural mystery comic Hope Falls, by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood has been optioned by Future Films, one of the production companies behind such recent films as The American and The Eagle, with an eye to starting production in the near future.

Hope Falls is a comic about a girl who returns to her home town after twenty years, who is then revealed to have been murdered by a group of men who are now prominent town citizens, and she’s out for some supernatural revenge. It was recently republished in an “Ultimate” Hope Falls edition.

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StarWarsFan3689d ago

I don't know if I have high hopes for Hope Falls, but I hope it's good.

alycakes3688d ago

It being on either. The Cape didn't succeed and I thought it was pretty good but super hero shows on tv just don't have a lot of luck.