Actor to Plead Guilty to Leaking Black Swan to BitTorrent

"Wes DeSoto is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He’s about to plead guilty to leaking Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, as well as four other feature films, to BitTorrent." Piracy doesn't just occur on the seven seas.

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darklordzor3333d ago

Wonderful to know that someone within the industry is helping piracy continue. Just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that.

I hope he has fun in jail.

StarWarsFan3332d ago

I wonder what he exactly got out of it to make him even want to put the movies online.

darklordzor3332d ago

You know I also was thinking about that. I mean, what does anyone really gain by doing that. It's not like he's making money off of it. Or maybe he is, who knows.

baker_boi3332d ago

There's nothin to gain from it. There's not supposed to be a gain. It's just free internet stuff.

Why do people make programs that could be sold for thousands and just release them for free on the internet?

Who knows, who cares. It's there, the leechers may partake of it.

andron3332d ago

Oh, he'll probably have some hard times finding work. Not many directors or studios will be interested in someone like this...

Garethvk3332d ago

His career is done. Unless he goes to porn and then changes his name.

Hayabusa 1173332d ago

What? You mean someone actually leaked a decent copy of Black Swan online? Where? All the ones I downloaded were crappy cams.

andron3332d ago

Hmm, my Blu-Ray looks just fine...

zeddy3332d ago

the one i downloaded was out like 2 weeks before the film release in theatres and it was very good quality.

darklordzor3332d ago

Why on earth are you downloading it anyway?

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