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The LRA Show Rewind - Episode 2

LRA writes: Join us on our journey into the past as we look back upon the seminal barbarian series that not only set the standard for all other barbarian films that came after it but was also the launching pad for one of the world's top action stars of all time, the original 1982 Conan the Barbarian! We cover the history of the film, what we feel has made it hold up so well over time, it's 1984 sequel Conan the Destroyer and give some insights into its production from the director's vision of the franchise as a trilogy and finally how and why that planned trilogy never came to be. Plus discover how exactly the 1997 Kevin Sorbo failure Kull the Conqueror fits into this topic. So get ready for a whole lot of Conan cause as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, I love it! Ha Ha! Featured music is from the 1982 "Conan the Barbarian" motion picture soundtrack.

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