Top 10 Movies That Change Your View of Life

Most movies entertain. Some question. Some inspire. But very few indeed are powerful enough to truly change your view of life. Most of us may know one or two movies that truly caused us to change the way we think about life, and odds are we remember nearly every line of those movies, the way we felt when we watched them, where we were and who we were with. It is these movies this list aims to order : The Top 10 Movies That Change Your View of Life

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StarWarsFan3694d ago

That list leans more towards standing as a set of personal favorites by the author. I don't think most would relate to it as a whole. For instance, I don't think Kung Fu Panda and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind are worthy enough to change anyone's view of life to the extent of remembering who you saw the movies with, remembering every lines and so on.

alycakes3694d ago

Dumb list....has nothing to do with changing view of life.

Paulh823694d ago

Kung Fu Panda... adults arent the only ones who watch movies. Kids can have their views changed too and do through animated movies. Eternal Sunshine possibly you are right about and perhaps in that one instance I was somewhat biased.

Alycakes perhaps constructive criticism. I shoulda put Serenity as one of them, I know. Terrible mistake!