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Samuel L. Jackson Confirmed to Film 'Django Unchained' in New Orleans in January

The Collider:
The casting news for Django Unchained was a prolonged affair—in part because we in the movie blog community are obsessed with the new Quentin Tarantino project, but also because it took time to finalize deals and align schedules for the big-name cast. Jamie Foxx stars in the titular role, a freed slave who trains with a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) to rescue Django’s wife from their evil owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). Add Kevin Costner to the mix, and that’s a great, eclectic collection of actors. However, a Tarantino movie feels incomplete without the presence of Samuel L. Jackson (or at least his voice).

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StarWarsFan3685d ago

That's one hell of a cast.

alycakes3684d ago

Tarantino doesn't mess around when he makes up his mind to make a movie. He gets an idea in his head and does everything in his power to follow thru and make it happen the way he wants. The cast is the main thing to get the end results.